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Maybe the biggest needs of our time are silence, a dose of nature, a break from thinking and a moment of just being. We live in an urban, hectic, screen dominated, noisy, information and entertainment packed world. We are more and more connected to the rest of the world and less and less connected to nature, the present moment and our core of inner stillness.

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The Guide to Silence project shows the way to green, calm places that can promote well-being and inner stillness. The focus is green places close to or in the cities of the world.

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Information, inspiration and ideas:

PROJECTS. Learn more about our new and ongoing projects. The latest City of Stockholm project was launched in September 2021. >>>

STORY.  Read about the original Guide to Silence 1998 concept and the move from silence in the wilderness to silence in the city. >>>

EXPERIMENTS.  The ebook. Our YouTube channel, slow silent mountain walks. Virtual previews of walks in Stockholm's unique nature. >>>

BLOG. A blog about silence, life, nature, presence and more by Ulf Bohman. >>>

NEXT. The future is full of "unknowns" and possibilities.  We need your input on how we can develop the Guide to Silence project. >>>

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To contact us and get updates:

e-mail:, phone: +46-730-461377, instagram: @GuideToSilence, facebook: @GuideToSilence



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